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California-bred Robert Yang, also known as Bézier, is an American DJ and producer.

While best known for being one of the earliest members of the queer San Francisco musical collective Honey Soundsystem, Yang also produces under multiple aliases and heads three blooming labels, Bodyzone, m-i-v (short for mémoire involontaire), and his most recent endeavor, Piece of Work. Bézier cut his teeth in the San Francisco scene for a decade, and now toggles between Berlin and SF, where he continues to expand his sound and vision into a cohesive yet dynamic mosaic.

Bézier’s productions walk the line between soft and hard, emotive and gritty. From their early interest in braindance and IDM to their dance-forward proclivities as a HNY DJ, Bézier’s influences are wide-ranging, resulting in music that is as carefree as it is relentless. A master of synth work, Bézier employs a range of analog synthesizers to create highly textured tracks that recall a retro-futuristic soundscape. The atmosphere of these releases, often cinematic, bring to mind motorbikes zipping through alleyways or neon sunsets dripping with a kind of dystopian euphoria. Though often pop-infused and Italo-leaning, Bézier’s productions also wander the darker spaces of EBM and techno. From the melodic fractals of their EP Primes, to the more experimental homage to their ancestry and family lineage, 府城 (Fǔchéng), Bezier is a seasoned artist who has a strong grasp on their sound, while retaining a flexible identity.

Yang recently stretched his musical vision by following an inclination to debut his own labels. Following the creation of his label and artist moniker Bodyzone, named after a gay bathhouse in Detroit (thereby paying homage to the midwest sound of the late 80s / early 90s), Yang also announced additional musical appendages. His newly-minted label m-i-v (short for mémoire involontaire) housed Thru-Out, a jacking, dance-floor ready collaboration with Vin Sol. As of 2021, Yang took on another alias 羅伯特 (pinyin: Luōbótè, transliterates to Robert) under a newly-conceived label, Piece of Work. In addition to his original works, Yang has also remixed iconic artists like Psychic TV and gay punk rocker Smokey on Chapter Records. The coming years see Yang fast-tracking along the musical highways and intersections of his multifaceted sonic identity, while continuing to evolve as an artist.

Text: Taylor Bratches

✈︎ Past Dates:

✈︎ 2020:
Jul 22: Berlin, Sameheads: Heads Radio Live Stream
Apr 11: Berlin, United We Stream - Buttons x Cocktail d'Amore at ://about blank
Feb 29: Brooklyn, Good Room w. Honey Soundsystem
Feb 28: Chicago, Smart Bar pres. Honey Soundsystem x Queen
Feb 16: San Francisco, Honey Soundsystem
Feb 15: Cambridge, MA, Boudoir
Feb 8: Frankfurt, Robert Johnson
Feb 7: Berlin, lab.Oratory // Berghain
Jan 19: San Francisco, Honey Soundsystem
Jan 18: Montreal, Igloofest w. Honey Soundsystem
Jan 4-6: Berlin, Cocktail D'Amore, Griessmühle

✈︎ 2019:
Dec 17: Berlin, TV.OUT radio show
Dec 7: Pittsburgh, Smoke Machine 10 Year
Nov 30: Los Angeles, Eagle
Nov 23: Hong Kong, Host Presents at 宀
Nov 15: Hanoi, Savage
Nov 9: Beijing, Zhao Dai
Nov 1-3: Taipei, Spectrum Formosus Festival
Oct 26: London, Secret Sundaze w. Honey Soundsystem
Oct 25: Tbilisi, Bassiani w. Honey Soundsystem
Oct 19: Brooklyn, Interzone Festival at Good Room
Oct 12: San Francisco, Pound Puppy at The Stud
Sep 29: San Francisco, House of Black Leather at Audio
Sep 28: Washington DC, Blisspop Festival
Sep 14: Berlin, Sameheads
Sep 1: San Francisco, Honey Soundsystem at Audio
Aug 12: Ibiza, Circoloco w. Honey Soundsystem
Aug 10: London, Night Tales w. Honey Soundsystem
Aug 9: Norfolk, Houghton Fest w. Honey Soundsystem
Aug 3: San Sebastian, Dabadaba w. Honey Soundsystem
Aug 2: Bordeaux, Iboat w. Honey Soundsystem
Jul 27: Paris, Badaboum w. Honey Soundsystem
Jul 22: Ibiza, Circoloco w. Honey Soundsystem
Jul 20: Lithuania, Ant Bangos w. Honey Soundsystem
Jul 18: Barcelona, Circoloco Off Sonar w. Honey Soundsystem
Jul 15: London, Ace Hotel Shoreditch
Jul 14: Lisbon, Lux w. Honey Soundsystem
Jul 6: Barcelona, Razzmatazz w. Honey Soundsystem
Jun 30: SF Pride, Honey Soundsystem at Regency Center
Jun 29: Seattle, Kremwerk
Jun 28: San Francisco, Powerhouse
Jun 27: San Francisco, High Tide Boat Party
Jun 22: Toronto, Electric Island w. Honey Soundsystem
Jun 21: Detroit, Marble Bar w. Honey Soundsystem
Jun 15: Denver, Vinyl w. Honey Soundsystem
Jun 9: Los Angeles, The Standard w. Honey Soundsystem
Jun 8: Edmonton, 99ten w. Honey Soundsystem
May 26: San Francisco, Honey Soundsystem at Audio
May 17: San Francisco, Other Stranger
May 16: San Francisco, Classic Cars West for Fault Radio
May 15: San Francisco, Kosmetik
May 11: Pittsburgh, Hot Mass
Apr 26-29: Hualien, Organik Festival
Apr 20: Hanoi, Savage
Mar 29: New York City, Elsewhere w. Honey Soundsystem
Mar 24: San Francisco, Werd
Mar 22: Phoenix, Hey Mister
Mar 15: Miami, Floyd w. Honey Soundsystem
Feb 2-3: Berlin, Panorama Bar
Jan 20: San Francisco, Honey Soundsystem MLK
Jan 18: Detroit, UFO Factory
Jan 12: Knoxville, Teknox
Jan 1: London, Adonis at The Cause